Medlar Seeds Facts and Health Benefits

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Medlars fruit are not familiar yet to some people but the trees are actually beautiful and the medlar seeds are very beneficial for health. The trees have ornamental appearance with blossoming fruit trees and also edible sour fruits. Despite its sour taste, the fruit is actually very rich in various nutrients including vitamins, lipids, proteins, water, potassium and also vitamin A, C, B1 and B2. And it doesn’t contain any calories while it’s rich in fiber. That’s what making the fruit essential for weight loss. It’s also ideal for diabetics due to low sugar content. Shortly said, nothing is bad from both the seeds and fruits.

Facts on Medlar Tree

Medlar tree has scientific name of Mespilus germanica. It’s known as small deciduous tree and is a member of rose family. It’s also common that people say the medlar fruit looks like the giant rosehips. Size of the fruit is considerably small with diameter of 1 to 2 inches only. Its color varies from dusty brown to rosy rust. This tree is native in Southeastern Europe and Southwestern Asia. Romans and Greeks used to enjoy the fruits so much. It’s also native in Turkey and Iran. It needs extreme change of weather to grow properly. During the summer, it needs the hot sun and during the winters, it needs the cold and frost weather. It can grow up to 10 feet above the ground and have attractive look.

medlar tree image

medlar tree image

The leaves of the tree are considerably large, simple and elliptic while the colors are commonly dark green. They can grow up to 4 cm wide and 15 cm long with base cuneate, pubescent and also margin entire. The flowers blossom in early Summer or late Spring and are solitary. They have white color which looks very beautiful. Meanwhile, medlar tree branches are brittle and gnarled and its fruit can weight about 15 grams each.

How to Grow Medlar from Seed

If you live in an area with ideal environment for medlar tree to grow, try to grow it in your backyard. Make sure the soil is deep and fertile. It has to be well-drained and tolerate as well. It is ideal in warm yet sheltered site. However, it can also grow in partial shade. Beware of strong winds as the flowers and leaves can get easily swept away or damaged. To start growing this tree, you should start by applying general fertilizer over are for the rooting in March. It helps to create adequate moisture to allow good cropping and strong growth.

You can do the pruning during the winter in order to encourage both the flowering and fruiting. It’s also necessary to maintain the good shape. The planting season should from November to March.

facts about medlar seeds

facts about medlar seeds

Medlar Seeds Health Benefits

Besides fruit of medlar have health benefits, not for medlar seeds. Medlar seeds is poisonous. Kind of medlar seeds have great health benefits is the wolfberry aka goji berry Lycium barbarum often known as red medlar seeds. Thanks to its tremendous nutrients that it can provide great medicinal properties. By consuming the goji berry in daily basis, it helps the detoxification and hydration of the organs inside your body. It also has good medicinal property for patients with liver and kidney ailments.

  • For a start, the red medlar seeds help to form hemoglobin due to the iron properties in the seeds. As vital part of the hemoglobin, iron is responsible to provide the dark red shade to human blood. At the same time, it supports the oxygen transportation to the body’s cells. Every human has to have extra hemoglobin in case of external and internal injuries.
  • Red Medlar seeds are also essential to support the muscles’ function. It’s vital to keep the muscle health. In the muscle’ tissues, iron is commonly found as it has a mission to supply the oxygen to support the muscle contraction. When muscle loses iron, it loses tone and elasticity.
  • The seeds are essential to support brain development by assisting the oxygen supply. When the brain has adequate blood amount, there will enhanced cognition activity. At the same time, it also prevents any cognitive ailments.
  • The vitamins found in goji berries are essential to boost immune system and to protect you from flu. In fact, the researches show that these seeds are effective to be used as flu vaccinations.
  • If you are in weight loss program, add goji berries into your meal plan. They are packed with high fiber content to keep your stomach full longer. They also have sweet and rich taste for a perfect snacking. As they also low in sugar and calorie contents, they can be used to replace other dried fruits.
  • Goji berries are rich in antioxidant especially the zeaxanthin making them perfect to help protecting the cells. By consuming it in daily basis, you will have less drusen and hypopigmentation in your eye
  • To maintain normal blood sugar level, the goji berries are ideal ingredients. That’s because the seeds have low sugar content. However, make sure to consult your doctor before about adding it to your diet plan
  • The goji berries have been being associated to sexual fertility for hundreds of years. It has the essential properties to increase the quantity and movement of the sperm. It also improves the testosterone level recovery. And it’s often been prescribed as alternative medication to treat erectile dysfunction.

Nutritional Value of Medlar Seeds

It’s true that medlar seeds have tremendous health benefits thanks to its nutrients. The seeds are usually dried first before being taken as medication. The Chinese dried medlar seeds also known as Goji berry is the most popular product available in the market. The nutritional value of 100 grams seeds includes 74 gram moisture, 5 gram protein, 88 gram calories, 0.1 gram fat, 1.3 gram dietary diber, 24 gram carbohydrate and 0.6 gram ash. This nutrient cover 5% vitamin B1, 15% iron, 1.25% niacin, 0.29% lipid fat, 4.10% calcium, 1% protein and 2.31% riboflavin.

Given with such tremendous benefits, no wonder medlar seeds are getting more popular over time. The seeds are even used as primary medications for certain health conditions. But if you want to consume this seed You should consult to doctor to find out the scientific and reliable information about the medlar seed.

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